Share Love, Not Germs


The idea for FACAKE arose amidst the COVID-19 era, during which everyone’s awareness of germs and disease transmission had been heightened. It was my son Joshua's 18th birthday party, and the guys were running about the ranch playing Airsoft. I was about to call them in for cake. I had 18 candles set out, but when it came time to put them on the cake, I just couldn't do it! 

The FACAKE Family

You see, Skyler, of whom I am very fond, was being particularly conscientious in protecting himself and others and had been wearing his mask in the heat all day. I could not in my right mind let my son blow on the cake and then serve Skyler a piece. Or any of the other guys for that matter!

So, I grabbed one slice of cake and stuck as many candles in it that would fit.  We sang, he blew out the candles, and the all enjoyed their germ-free cake. I said to my hubby, "It's so weird that we all used to be okay with someone blowing on food and then eating it. But kids need to have that tradition of making a wish and blowing out the candles. Somebody needs to do something about this."

So we did. Now, your beautiful edible birthday cake need no longer be blown on after the birthday wish is made. Plus, blowing on FACAKE means you can slice and plate your edible cake ahead of time and have everyone enjoying it within moments of the big blow.

It is our hope that FACAKE will become a new family tradition for most American families.  


I have been in the food industry for 40+ years and love to serve!  We were a foster family for 13 years and were blessed with adopting 3 of the foster children. I answered the call of God to homeschool my children shortly after graduation from UCSB in 2000, which meant I had to give up my promised career of becoming a medical manufactures sales rep. Homeschooling and being a foster parent have been extreme blessings and I would do it all again!

Our Mission is to be a blessing. We will be organizing a non-profit once we cover costs. The non-profit will be designed to bless those who bless others.